For A New Beginning – A poem by John O’Donohue

Life as a Wick – A poem by Michel Mellinger (translated from French)

Relationships: the three glasses model – Why a relationship must be separate from the two individuals involved (Michel Mellinger)

Matthieu Ricard
Genetician who became a buddhist monk : author, photographer, translator, interpreter for the Dalai Lama, public speaker and founder of Karuna-Shechen rooted in the ideal of compassion in action.

The Humble Heroes Project
At the heart of this project are “Humble Heroes”, those who, very modestly, have an remarkable impact on people around them, thanks to their dynamism, altruism, generosity and imagination. The web site offers inspiring portraits and interviews (although many interviews are in French, several are in English – live or subtitled).


Mind and Life Institute
The Mind & Life Institute (MLI) started as a dialogue held in the Dalai Lama’s small audience room in Dharamsala, in October 1987. It was structured as a weeklong conversation between Buddhism and the Cognitive Sciences, and explored the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. Since then, the MLI carries out research involving the fields of : neuroscience, psychology, education, medicine, ethics, religion, and the humanities – always guided by the Institute’s larger mandate to alleviate suffering, cultivate kindness and compassion, and advance human flourishing.

L’Art du Chi (The Art of Chi) : École de la voie intérieure (in several countries)

William Bridges
The original book dealing with the topic of transitions : « Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change », and other works that followed.

Michel Maletto
[in French only] A pratical guide to (successfully) drive organisational change.


ICF (International Coach Federation)
New Ventures West