My approach to coaching

I am certified as an Integral Coach®, following the so-called integral approach based on principles developed by the American philosopher Ken Wilber, who has defined four perspectives (“quadrants”) through which we experience the world; these relate to two axes: “individual <=> collective” and “interior <=> exterior”, which represent:
– the “subjective” perspective of our individual and interior experiences: our thoughts, emotions, memories, states of mind, perceptions, and immediate sensations;
– the “objective” perspective of individual and exterior things: our material body (including brain) and anything that we can see or touch (or observe scientifically) in time and space;
– the “intersubjective” perspective of our collective and interior experiences: our shared values, meanings, language, relationships and cultural background;
– the “interobjective” perspective of collective and exterior things: systems, networks, technology, government, and the natural environment.

Integral coaching aims at helping a client in all of these four perspectives so that he(she) can reach a balance amongst them and develop corresponding competencies as necessary, from where he(she) is at this particular time and according to his(her) specific issues that he(she) is facing.

Several schools follow Ken Wilber’s integral approach; as for me, I have followed training accredited by New Ventures West of San Francisco, and delivered by Convivium of Ottawa.