Committing yourself to a coaching program

The starting point is your need: one or more issues you face in your personal or professional life, and that you wish to address.

An initial meeting (free of charge) will allow us to define your need and establish the parameters of a coaching program.

If you decide to commit yourself : your coaching program will focus on your issue(s) as defined together during the initial meeting, and will entail an agreed-upon number of sessions, up to 10 or 12 sessions but possibly fewer sessions, typically occurring every 2-3 weeks. The content of your coaching program will be established according to a solid methodology that provides both a coherent framework and the flexibility necessary to adapt precisely to your need. You will be asked to engage in a number of development activities during your program, such as self-reflections, exercises and practices; all these being designed to support you in meeting your objectives as established at the beginning of your program.

At the end of your coaching program, you will have achieved concrete results which will be in line with your objectives. A joint review of your program achievements will allow you to confirm your progress and identify new directions of development that you may wish to pursue on the basis of the autonomy that you will have acquired during your coaching program.

Your coaching will be carried out based on principles of mutual respect, openness and complete confidentiality. I am subject to the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct that you can consult here.

Coaching can be done in-person, or remotely using Skype or the phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question.